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Central Towing of Mesa: Our Long Distance Towing Services

A towing service is considered long distance if it covers a distance of one hundred miles or more. That’s actually a very conservative estimate. It can be in the same state, neighboring region or across the country. Although one may not think of using or doing this regularly due to its rigorous demands, long distance towing happens on a regular basis.

People may think of availing of long distance towing if their choice repair shop happens to be far away in another town. Others also use long distance towing to spare their vehicles from the stress of long drives if they’re planning to move to another county or state. Maybe you’re on vacation and your RV unexpectedly breaks down on the side of the highway. You’re a long, long way from home and farther still from any kind of help.

Long distance towing can take on various types of vehicles. For lightweight cases, companies that agree to tow your vehicles long distance usually offer flatbeds to mount your vehicles safely and steadily to your choice destination.

Heavy/Medium Duty Long Distance Tow Truck Services

But for vehicles such as large trucks, semis, RVs, Motor Homes and even tractor trailer types that fall under the medium to heavy type jobs, you’ll need a towing company equipped with the kind of heavy hardware to haul that bulk and volume from point A to point Z. There are only a few companies qualified to take on these calls.

Central Towing of Mesa takes pride in being one of the elite few that can take on long distance towing jobs. Though we are a 24/7 operation, our service crew must be notified in advance regarding the particulars such as date of pullout, the type of heavy duty vehicle that needs towing and point of delivery. Our helpful staff will be more than glad to take you through the requirements and agreements of the service. Central Towing of Mesa can also provide you with a ballpark figure depending on the size of your vehicle and service route.

Though long distance towing is generally expensive, we at Central Towing of Mesa assure our customers that our rates are fair and within reason. That’s why it is just as important that we help you identify your specific requirements so that we can make the necessary recommendations that are in total conformity with your budget.

Apart from our impressive fleet of trucks, Central Towing of Mesa also assures you that you are getting the best long distance drivers in the business. Their skills extend beyond the wheel to doing precise calculations on the kind of towing machinery needed to get your vehicle off and running from your point of origin to your location. Commercial fleets continue to entrust us with their business as they can be sure that with our service crew, their vehicles and their cargo are in safe and qualified hands.

Long distance towing is brutal. But with Central Towing of Mesa, you can travel light and easy.

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