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Central Towing of Mesa offers medium duty towing services to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We also respond to calls anywhere in Maricopa County. From light passenger cars to heavy commercial trucks, we will provide you with the road side assistance you need.

Right in between light and heavy duty vehicles are medium duty vehicles. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), an agency under the U.S. Department of Transportation, classifies medium duty vehicles (for commercial use) as vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GWVR) of 10,001 – 26,000 pounds. These include delivery trucks, ambulances, and small buses, which have gasoline or diesel engines and a single rear axle. Although, passenger vehicles which are not commercially used can also be classified as medium duty. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these are vehicles with a GWVR of 8,501 – 10,000 pounds. The most common type of medium duty passenger vehicles are pickup trucks.

Medium Duty Vehicle Towing Service Mesa

If you own a vehicle that falls under the classifications above, then you can rest easy knowing that there is a towing service available to you 24/7. Being the third largest city in Arizona, vehicles come and go by the thousands on a daily basis in Mesa. Medium duty vehicles are especially abundant because they transfer cargo and deliver goods for the top industries in Mesa. They frequent major roadways as well as interstate lines that run through the Arizona desert. Unfortunately, many vehicular accidents occur on those types of highways. There is also seldom any help available. There will be no gasoline station or repair shop for miles.

You could be driving a school bus full of kids or a truck driver carrying perishable goods. Whatever the situation, having your vehicle rendered immobile on the side of the road is a major hassle. You lose time, money, and patience. Aside from a collision accident, there are other causes for your vehicle’s inability to start. You could have a flat tire, ran out of gas, or a dead battery. We offer services for these kinds of situations. If your case is not that severe, we can have your vehicle up and running in no time without the need for towing. However, in more serious cases, towing is the only solution.

If you ever get into these more serious types of situations, the only thing to do is to call a towing service. Central Towing responds quickly to emergency situations. Our friendly and professionally trained staff will carefully transport your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or a repair shop of your choice. They will make sure you are getting the help you need before they take off. You do not need to worry about our fees because of our affordable pricing. Efficiency and customer care are among our top priority even with our low prices. You do not need to feel panic or stress when you are in an emergency situation. The next time your medium duty vehicle breaks down, be sure to have Central Towing’s number saved on your phone.

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